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Quarantine Week 3 Day 16

Not much can be said about the daily activity when you don’t leave the house. The routine is the same, and I am very fortunate. I work for a great company that has fabulous work from home policies and infrastructure. Working with the team is unchanged; we are all able to talk and see each other with the Zoom application. In some respects, it is a bit closer and more light-hearted throughout the day. Our team is diverse, and in multiple locations, even being home, we still see and hear each other.

I follow the news and what is happening in the world. Being in one location, you hear of all the issues, the sickness, increases in cases, and death numbers. It sounds a bit disconnected because you can listen to it but not see it, which makes everything so much more strange.

A couple of things do bother me. First, I would wish the president to take a more reassuring approach to the population and avoid mixed messages. Also, it would be wise to leave medical advice and financial advice to the medical and economic professionals. Anytime he goes down these paths, they have to be sidestepped or backtracked, which leads to credibility issues and uncertainty.

Second, if our congress can’t agree on a stimulus package in a crisis, it shows that they are at a point for all the world to see they will never agree on anything. If you can’t function now, in this situation, it is highly unlikely that the body of government will ever work effectively. I’m calling out both sides.

I’m no expert, so this is my opinion. If we throw two trillion dollars at this problem today, but we have not solved the problem, which is the virus, and that is what is causing the economic disaster, that money is wasted. We will be looking at another stimulus bill and a more significant stimulus bill. The uncertainty will cause constant fluctuations. Loosening standards now that could and probably will have more substantial health issues and push the economic condition to a worse place in a second-round might be the tipping point of no return. I think we should shut it down, bite the bullet one time and then start the recovery, in my opinion. Delaying a problem never makes the problem go away.

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