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Quarantine Week 3 Day 17

Well, it is day 17 I have been home, and three full weeks I have been working from home. What more can you say at this point? It is odd working all day with no social interaction, at least my wife and son are home to take short breaks to talk.  It is not hard since I like being home, but it is odd. In a sense, a bit futuristic with everybody on the team working together and all of us in zoom. That is probably the most unusual part, a camera pointing at you all day. You also have to remember to block the mic if I have a call, you don’t want the world to hear everything. Never mind standing up and scratching your ass; it is at the perfect camera level. 😊

The big event today was the doorbell ringing, we get very few visitors, and it is even more strange to get one in the middle of this stay at home pandemic. It turns out it was a cleaning crew washing the roofs on the townhomes, and they just needed me to move my car so they could get up the ladder. I felt like Jerry Seinfeld in the close talker telling the guy to stop at the end of the driveway and stay away. I’m an expert on social distancing before it was the in-thing.

Of course, in the current state of affairs, I keep track of the news as best I can normal living is still a long way off. Today was the latest on the stimulus package; it is now at 2 trillion, I can’t believe I just typed that. That is an astronomical amount, and it makes no sense. If you see the way the virus is going, there is no stop of infections, and the cases continue to rise that two trillion will solve very little, and that is scary. It is no surprise the government will need a second stimulus. It is hard to think that it is even possible that Trump wants to resume normal operations in three weeks; we are at least three weeks from the peak, and only if we do better at self-isolation. My personal opinion as hard as it would be to shut everything down, get a handle on this, and start to decrease the cases. If we do that, then we reduce risk and can get back to getting the economy going. If we do this in a stop and start a fashion, the damage will be far more severe and much more prolonged. A point there might not be any return.

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