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Here is my opinion on the virus topic. It is very odd what a polarizing effect a virus is having, which is so unlike Americans and the country where I grew up. There was a time no matter your political slat, you would be civil in a conversation. People should always pull together for the greater good. The virus has taken on as much of a political issue, almost more than a medical problem. We are arguing a political point not pulling together to beat the actual enemy, a tiny little virus kicking our ass, and really over an economy and money. Nobody is asking anybody to give up any freedom. The ask is simple bite the bullet now, shut things down, and stay home. If we do that, it is a price we pay once, not continuously. I know this will cost jobs and hurt all industry, it could cost me my job, but you can get a new job, we can rebuild an economy. I can’t replace my life or the life of our family, parents, wife, and kids. I will take the economic hit anytime over my life. We need to stop comparing this to the Flu, and here is why.

We have no idea what this is or how to cure it.

We have no treatment.

The Flu does not send thousands to emergency rooms like this virus.

The Flu has never overextended our health care system.

We know the Flu comes every year, we prepare for it, and we vaccinate against it.

Ask yourself this, would you rather be sneezed on by somebody with the Flu knowing you had a flu shot or knowing how to take care of yourself with the Flu or sneezed on by somebody with coronavirus and no idea what will happen. I will take the Flu any time. An educated decision based on facts is better than a guess.

Does the death toll have to pass that of the Flu before we now believe it is worth drastic action? I hope we are not putting a financial risk-reward on human life. We have no defenses against this coronavirus, no idea how to treat it, and no idea how to stop it. When the leading health experts are warning us, and the front line medical professionals are telling us and showing us the severity that is no bull shit or a conspiracy. It is a fact.

What is shocking about this, people have it and can pass it without even knowing they have it. A perfect example is several assisted living homes. These folks hardly go anywhere, so that means somebody unknowingly they were sick and infected all the residents. The Flu hits fast this can hide for weeks before you know you have it, all that time, you are affecting others.

The first case of Covid in the US was 19-Jan-2020 Today we have 65k+. In two months, an increase of 65k in cases. The Flu season runs from October – May, seven months. Even if we continue at this pace, the Flu will still be worse in numbers, but the difference is we know about the Flu and how it acts and how to fight it. We have no data like this when it comes to Covid-19 The reason a Flu is not a pandemic; it is typically the same strains every year with known treatments, timelines, and predictability. Covid-19 is a Pandemic due to scale and volume, and it is new, just like the Swine Flu was unique and a Pandemic 11 years ago. If we don’t act and guess wrong, the numbers show over time this will be worse, and we are 18 months away from any real proven treatment.

Today it was reported 3 million people filed for unemployment last week. That is 4x the highest number ever. The argument is this is now a recession caused by a pandemic, and we had a strong economy. I don’t buy that because the economy will just not magically start on day x, it will take time, and the longer we delay this, the longer and harder it takes to get that economy back. Some companies will not make it no matter how much money we throw at it.

I’m no expert, but I am willing to bet if we try and force this over politics, money and the economy and guess wrong, a point where we have to backtrack and start over that will be the end game. There will be no going back, there will be no economy, and 1929 will look like a family vacation in Disney. Time to take political power and money out of this and do the correct thing. The sooner we act now, the quicker we get to start the rebuild.

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