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Quarantine Week 3 Day 18

Can’t wait to go back to our spot. Pier 60 ClearWater

Well, all things are still the same as long as you consider staying at home normal. I think we may see this Pandemic shape a new normal. It seems with all the significant events, some changes become evident. Remember, in 2008, we heard “too big to fail,” which drove massive bailouts. We understand that now, and with this virus, we are listening to it again. The troubling part that was an actual economic adjustment today, there is a shift from a medical event. Why so quickly do big business like Boing or the airlines, in general, need billions after a few down weeks. They are not refunding money, just giving credits. These are the events that make me wonder. The business has a bump in the road and screams bailout,  humans go without jobs, and hardly a word is mentioned. In any other time, humans get no money people have to be responsible and plan with 4-6 months savings to get by, why not big companies?

I moved my home office from one room to another for better functioning. Now I can work, watch tv, look at the pond. It is a better fit for everybody. After all, this might be a longer duration than we first thought. I find ways to occupy my time, and I don’t mind being home. I am a bit lucky since my wife and son are here, and we entertain each other. I think it is harder on them due to my odd sense of humor at times😊. I do play that online scrabble game, I think it is called scrabble go, I am dominating 😊 one loss in 12 matches. I watched the ducks swim on the pond out back; I like ducks.

If I could ask the President one thing, I wish he would do or act more like a leader at certain times. It is a bit disingenuous to say how much money he is losing with this crisis or what he is doing. A leader never accepts or points to what they do but what the people do that work for them. Finally, please leave the medical and economic analysis to the professionals. When these statements have to be corrected, or god forbid backtracked for lousy information, they have catastrophic events on moral, credibility, and the financial sector. I don’t think the president could have planned for this type of significant event, so he should not be blamed for that. I guess I will go back to my favorite activity.

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