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Quarantine Week 3 Day 19

No human has ever done less in a day I did on day 19 of this quarantine. I sat in my chair all day and read a bit, moved to my massage chair, snacked and watched TV. I just can’t stop watching the news. Occasionally I will put on some music while I read. This event is so unprecedented I just can’t stop watching. We all sat outside a bit to get some sun, and it felt good but oddly strange because you saw nobody or hear anything other than an occasional bird. My wife did walk down to get the mail and did see a few neighbors, I included a photo. She would rather go that than expose me to anything; also, she can give classes on proper lockdown and sanitization to any hospital, and I am more of a Shrek.

The Neighbors

I did notice on a news report that pollution is way down. The news showed satellite images of specific areas around the world from the same day last year, and pollution is almost non-existent. It almost feels like the planet is getting a break and healing. No matter your slant on global warming, you can’t argue with actual science backed up by images. It is like an atheist saying there is no god if I can’t see it well in this case here is your visual evidence of global warming.

Over China

I think Trump did a good thing when he halted flights from China to the US. I have no problem with the term Chinese virus because nobody squawks about the Spanish flu 1918, Asian Flu 1957, or the Hong Kong Flu 1968. I think Trump continues to harm himself when he speaks like this; he continues to point out what he did, and no leader points to what they do. He complains about what he lost financially, and nobody wants to listen to a president that is a billionaire of what the financial impact did to him when many Americans can just get by. Trump should not makes statements like “ they (governors) should show appreciation,” He calls the governor of Michigan “that woman” or he will not call them. He takes everything to personal. Last, he needs to make decisions and stick to them, he goes back and forth too much, and his staff backtracks or explains what he said in different terms. Let the economic people speak to economics, and the medical people speak to medical issues. Making statements like “we will start the economy on Easter” is dangerous if it does not happen. The market likes certainty and direction when he has to backtrack this or miss that date it has a massive impact on wall street. He needs to lead better now, and it just may help his approval rating, the lowest in 60 years.

Trump                               40  Republican  ??

Obama                              47  Democrat    2 terms

George W Bush               49  Republican  2 terms

Clinton                              55  Democrat    2 terms

George HW Bush            60  Republican  1 term

Reagan                              53  Republican  2 terms

Carter                                45  Democrat    1 term

Ford                                   47  Republican  .5 terms

Nixon                                 49  Republican  1.5 terms

Johnson                            55  Democrat    1 term

Kennedy                            70  Democrat    1 term

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