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Self-Isolation Week 3 Day 20

Work from home week three ends today, but no end in sight. I realized the title on previous posts was quarantine, but I have not been on quarantine. It is a self-isolation for safety that ties in with my mandatory work from home order my company gave me.

I watched the movie 1917 last night, it was not bad but not great, either. I did not see it as Oscar-worthy. It had a feel like “Saving Private Ryan” but not as good.

I did less today than the day before. It was a grocery delivery day. We have the grocery delivered, it is a good deal, only 14.00 a month. However, it is shocking how many items not in stock, and toilet paper is still hard to find. Cleaning products and paper goods, in general, are tough to find also. So many things about this virus are very odd. These things should not happen in this country. Shortages of food or supplies, hospitals can’t get what they need quickly enough. Something is very off in this world at the moment.

Watching this event unfold each day, it seems to be taking some very off twists, and I’m not sure how to reconcile some of these issues. It continues to feel like there is more to this and rolling out in slow motion. If you want to change, do it slowly to go unnoticed. I get the seriousness of this, and the only thing to separate it from the flu is it takes longer to show up, thus infecting people without knowing and the need to get to a hospital that is crushing the system. I can only assume the infection rate, and the hospital crush is the reason for self-isolation, the flu does not do this. We are also now hearing issues of an actual quarantine that was deemed not possible and could be illegal. We are stopping cars on roads between states and turning them back. Today I heard of tent cities in Florida. The virus and the reaction are getting more disturbing by the day.

It will be interesting on the job numbers this week. They say it will far pass the three million last week. That I’m sure will send stocks into free fall. I already hear another stimulus is in the works. I saw Bill Gates on TV, and he follows this stuff closely; he even predicted it was only a matter of time. His comment was a 2-3 month lockdown. I initially said one year to recover as an economy, possibly. Now I think it will be far worse if we get into mandatory lockdowns and how many stimulus checks can you do. It just gets more concerning as we go and what is happening that we don’t know about?

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