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Self-Isolation 4 Weeks At Home

The strange part about working from home is you work more hours. I know that is probably not true for all people, even some in my organization will take a bit of liberty, but for me, I have nothing else to do so I stay logged in longer.  Fortunately for me, I am always busy. While working, I do have my TV on and make notes of some stories I hear or from tweets. We are in the middle of a shocking time in our history, and with each passing day, I know this will lead to some permanent changes to the way we live, but I also think this is more than just a virus, almost seems like it is a veil over other issues. Some may seem small and usually would go unnoticed but looked at in a collective concerning the virus event; they seem a bit odd to me.

The housing market is on the verge of crashing. Why? I understand this a bit, but it seems odd. I have heard it mentioned the industry needs a bailout due to the slowdown in the economy with lost jobs and ultimately home purchases declining. The timing is off since that just happened, but they immediately need billions. One thing that did jump out and may go unnoticed, reporting shows the mortgages are purchased and sold as mortgage-backed securities in the stock market. These investments will stop paying off as people stop paying mortgages. A financial chain reaction. I thought this practice was to be held in check after the last economic disaster in 2008 when mortgage-backed securities were heavily involved in that event.

The Hungary PM takes absolute power. On the surface, it may or may not mean anything. Hungary on the world stage is not very big or a threat, but I do wonder why absolute power over a virus? What happens if this is the first domino as others may seek to seize power in the same way. Major power struggles have occurred in Europe and have lead to two world wars. WW1 started with the death of Archduke Ferdinand of the Austro-Hungary empire, just throwing that out there.

A tent city in Tampa. I know this is to help stop the spread of the virus among the homeless. Since this group of people does not practice any social distancing, the risk of infection is high. What strikes me as odd, they were homeless before, and we had this ability. They have no place to live, and this is far better than sleeping on the street why can’t we start to move in a direction to make this a permanent solution to help these people. If we could do it now, we can do it when there is no crisis.

A 2.2 trillion bailout and the money went to things not related to the pandemic. A proper functioning and honest government should never allow this to happen. We have a government even in times of crisis that is incapable of doing the correct thing. The idea is to help people and small businesses. I see no reason again for major corporations needing a handout, specifically the airline industry. It is a certainty in my mind that millions going to the Kennedy Center is very wrong. I think the numbers show the people and groups that need this help most got proportionately less. Remember that in November.

China is under-reporting deaths. Something like this should not shock anybody. China is a communist country; they are very protective of the image they are manufacturing. Any negative is a blemish to their system and ability. I have seen reports that some people in China claim that the death toll is far higher by a 10x magnitude. They based that on observations of urns being delivered daily to crematoriums that ran 24 hours a day for weeks. The estimates were upwards of 50k dead. I can’t find that story or tweak, so I can’t reference it. Take it for what it, but we do know, and the US government now admits the reporting out of China was far later than they claimed. One last point, the two doctors in China that found and reported the virus are now quiet, one died of the infection the other has not been seen in two weeks.

Shortages of supplies and food in this country! Are you shitting me? The US is the wealthiest and most advanced country in the world. We should not have shortages in anything. We supply more food, technology, and supplies to the world than any other country. We should not have deficiencies in anything. Now, if you are one of the jackasses hoarding anything stop! It is not the 1929 depression. We will all get passed this. There is no need to buy 4000 rolls of toilet paper; trust me, you will be able to wipe your ass.   

The Coronavirus is a severe issue, it is not the Flu, and we should not equate one sickness and how we react over a death number. We need to stop comparing severity is low because the Flu kills more each year. Let’s not make this a race to a top spot. I do not want me or my family to be in that statistic. Here is what we are missing with that argument. As hospitals get overwhelmed, and they are in many areas means people with other sicknesses are at risk and could die because they can’t receive proper treatment. If you think this is the Flu, listen to the survivors and watch the video of the Italian documentary featuring people with the virus. It is shocking; it is not the Flu!

Multiple companies are switching to manufacture ventilators; this has not happened since WW2; at least I can’t recall this ever happening. If Ford and GM can switch to producing these items, it is crucial. We can’t fault anybody for lack of ventilators; we are in the middle of an event under the best planning situations that could never have been adequately forecasted.

Locking down whole states and gun purchases skyrocket. You can’t argue with numbers and data, but the fact is we lack testing, and because of that, we can’t determine who has this virus. What makes it so dangerous, you could walk around with the virus and not know it. As we continue that practice, we continue to infect others, and the number continues to rise. It is in the numbers. People rushing out to buy guns probably means people are scared, but you can’t shoot a virus. I’m concerned people who don’t know how to use a gun now have a weapon. Something tells me this will lead to more unfortunate events. I’m pro-second amendment, but I don’t think you need guns over this if you did not need the gun two months ago any more than you need 4000 rolls of toilet paper, but that’s me.

The military now starts a war on drugs. Why was the top talking point yesterday? Trumping (no pun intended) the virus. The war on drugs did not work, and that term died out with Bush 1. Why did this become a topic now? I get the funny feeling with this and several other things we have used the virus to deflect what the right-hand does while the left-hand does something else. While American’s attention is here, what other activity are we bootstrapping to the virus? 2.2 trillion stimulus, bailouts of airlines, the mortgage industry is needing money and now enhanced military action. It might be nothing, but this makes me think and look at things more closely.

Russia is supplying the US with Medical gear. Do not believe this bullshit. Russia does not give a rats ass about us. They benefit as we suffer. Russia, they tried this in Italy, and most of the items were crap and stuffed with propaganda. There are only two main rivals to the US one in military power and one in economic power; China and Russia. Let that sink in.

The economy could lose another 6 million jobs in today’s announcement, which would be 10k in two weeks. What is the next stimulus? We have not hit the peak yet. Keep something in mind; maybe it is just my cynical nature of governments and people who run them. The United States keeps the balance of the world. We have since WW2 kept things in check. The world knows as long as we are top dog, we will be there to set things right if the balance goes a bit one way or the other. If we now start to lose that ability, economically, politically, and militarily the world, especially the most vulnerable, is at risk. Not my opinion it is a fact. Who are the two leading players that gain from that? Russia and China. The former has already dabbled in our elections. The latter, I believe, has taken steps to weaken us. I think this could be our greatest challenge.

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  1. As all of your blogs good info and sites where you can get even more info; however too long
    Since we are staying home suggest seeing some great old movies eg Bringing up Baby, Witness for the prosecution, Mister Roberts, an affair to remember, just a few and so many more

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