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We Will Change

When this virus finally runs the course, it will eventually pass as a memory as a spec in time. It will not be long, it seems long now, but at some point, we will be saying “remember when.” Life will go back to normal, but it will be a new normal, unfortunately. Masks will come off; we will go back to restaurants, the beach, movies, and graduations, which sadly I think we will miss this year.

Events like this never happen without some changes, and those will become etched in our way of life. Some might be good, and others just a result of an event. Hopefully, we have gained some perspective. Maybe, we have used some time to evaluate better what is important and what we can do without having to go anywhere.

I love sports, I enjoy following my teams and the great athletes, but we are starting to see they played a far more significant role in our lives than should be. The critical people are the Nurses and doctors that are caring for you, the people supplying the stores with food and supplies, and the teachers are still trying to teach using new and modern technology. I can care less if I see another sporting event, but I guarantee you if I need a nurse, doctor, police officer, fireman, teacher, or supply chain worker. I’m glad they are there.  We talk about hero’s but only when we are in a crisis and when we are inconvenienced. I hope this is a lesson on what matters.

It is regrettable in such a crisis that we have left and right-leaning political people continuing to point the finger of blame. Millions are losing jobs, some will never come back, and tens of thousands are dying. Now is the time to stop the finger-pointing and navigate through this. It is foolish to think on a given date, we will “start the economy,” and it will go back to where it was in January.

I think we will see business and technology changes that will continue to evolve. Companies can survive with large numbers of employees working from home with no issues. It should not surprise anybody if many industries downsize their real estate footprint. A company may change its allotted sick time, and an employee is more likely now to use sick time with a slight cold and not tough it out—the reason, of course, to stop infection to others.

I have seen a few changes already in place. A commercial by Papa John’s Pizza is advertising Your pizza once in the oven will not be touched by hands again, and the box is sealed with a sticker. I have seen some local grocery stores placing six-foot distance stickers on the floor. I think this was Winn-Dixie. Maybe this is temporary, perhaps not?

Yesterday I saw Dr. Anthony Fauci mention that we should never shake hands. I get what he means here since the hands carry all kinds of germs, but this might be a bit extreme. It is so part of a formal and professional greeting. I guess that rules out the high five to! I know I’m not doing elbow bumps with people I meet. Shouldn’t that rule out a hug or kiss greeting? One thing is sure if we eliminate the handshake, the hug, the kiss, then all quarterbacks need to be in the shotgun; there should be no need for the quarterback to have his hands on the center’s ass.

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