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The Deep State ???

Conspiracy theorists exist everywhere and there is never a lack of opportunity for them to latch on to something. I guess if you look at everything from a critical and distrustful eye you can always find something that looks odd and questionable. You see this with presidential assassinations, there was Lincoln, and most famously with Kennedy. I have read quite a bit on Kennedy, We may never know the real reason. Evidence says Oswald and other evidence not. By definition, a conspiracy has to be kept small to go undetected. How likely is it to assassinate a president and so few people know that the truth never comes out? Not likely, sometimes it is what it is.

Of course, we now have a conspiracy with the Coronavirus. As I was reading through social media many people believe this is a far-left plot to take down the government and President Trump. Groups like the “Deep State” and the X22 report are mentioned quite a bit. I did a little digging and checking out some videos because a friend sent it to me. Honestly, this is some crazy shit and if you bite on this I strongly recommend a psychiatrist. Not any psychiatrist but a team of them.

The “Deep State” is a shadow government operating behind the scenes and within the government that is planning the overthrow of the current political structure. They call themselves true patriots and soon they will issue thousands of arrest warrants for ex-presidents, the ultra-rich, corrupt judges, senators, and congressmen. They are embedded in all levels of the government including the military. This by definition is the planning of a  coup d’état.

One sign of this, twitter went wild a few weeks back, Trump, in his press briefing mentioned a deep state and doctor Fauci put his hand over his face. The loonies went nuts over this because they believe the president is in the know and mentioned it. If you believe this you may need medication and a quiet retreat where you spend your day coloring.

This “Deep State” is claiming the coronavirus is the last phase planned by the left as another attempt to take down the Trump and the government due to the failed attempts over the last several years. It is now a means of destroying the government, the economic system, and control by keeping people home as a final plan to control everything and everybody as a means of servitude.

Any logical thinker needs to ask the simple question, why? If the idea is to take everything and control everything how does that benefit anybody? Wouldn’t logic indicate to take and control everything, destroy the financial system hurt the rich and powerful more? This is nonsense and people should not fall into this crazy cult-like and conspiracy following. It makes for great sound bites, moves, and talk shows, but in reality, it makes no sense. This is a terrible virus, I think to some extent it was planted by a political and economic foe but it is not a deep state to control the country especially since it came from a foreign source, you can’t connect those dots.

One thought on “The Deep State ???

  1. For those that do believe find help! There will always be groups of people who want to take down our government but we are stronger and more resilient and we will stand up and survive

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