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Every Generation Has Challenges

Every generation has challenges. If you consider what the world lived through in the ’30s and ’40s due to WWII and the sacrifices we made, it was a tremendous commitment to a common cause. Not long after that war ended, we entered more conflict with the Korean war of the ’50s, the 60’s and 70’s Vietnam fractured our society for a very long time. The ’70s also saw our distrust with the government in watergate and the impacts of the energy crisis. The 80’ we started with crippling inflation, the Iranian hostages, and the government Iran/Contra crisis that was our first real peek into the Russian war in Afghanistan. The 90’s now brought us into our first war in the middle east that lingers today. Afghanistan, our ally in the region against Russia, was now the root of terrorism that led to 9/11 in the new century.

The point here is how we handle each event. Our current crisis is a virus. It has impacted every part of the planet and the US, particularly hard. Unfortunately, we had to make some hard changes, and that is to stay home. It is not great, but things can be far worse. Everything I already mentioned was far worse. The problem today is a more entitled society that cares more about what each person wants and not a group effort to solve a problem. Nobody has lost any constitutional rights. I had no idea we had so many constitution scholars on social media. I simply don’t see that. The message is a short term effort to fix a problem. No law has changed. Nobody has altered the constitution; this is a difficult period to fix a significant life threat.

I regularly see parents wanting school to open because it is too hard on the kids, or it is too hard having them home. Why do you have an issue being around your kid? There are complaints of boredom with nothing to do. When I was a kid, there was no cable, three stations, and no online games or social media. Maybe they should read a book, help around the house, do their online schoolwork, take an online class. My kid is missing the end of his senior year, no prom, no graduation, and he is not bitching.

The more prosperous and more affluent a society gets, the more we see detachment and entitlement. History shows, empires fall from within. Nobody wants people locked in or a destroyed economy, but if we do not get this under control, there will be no economy to go back to, we can only print so much money. Ask yourself this; if your doctor tells you to do something, you usually do it to be healthy. Why would this be any different? If we do not allow smoking in buildings due to second-hand smoke, why would we let people comingle closely at a time when we can’t tell who has the virus. I am more than willing to take a minor disruption to my life now so I can get back to what I know is our normal. My rights are not being infringed or lost.  

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