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No other sport has quite the same feeling as opening day for baseball. Even if you like multiple sports, football, hockey, soccer, basketball, opening day for baseball has a unique feel. I bet the vast majority of kids growing up in the united states have tried baseball even if they ultimately did not like sports as they got older. It seems almost a natural progression of childhood to at least participate in baseball.

I remember as a kid, I played little league, but ice hockey became my sport. I played both but I kept playing hockey even when little league ended. I did not go onto the babe ruth league or play high school baseball.

It seems so strange this year, even though I do not watch much baseball to see there was no opening day. Everybody looks forward to the start of the season; it is like the official end to winter and the beginning of spring. As a kid, there was always the opening day parade, and we did not have that with any other sport.

Football may own a day of the week, hockey will always be the hardest to win a championship and most entertaining competition for speed, skill, and strength, but baseball will always be the national past time. Games have a feel, a sound that you still remember. Football and basketball do not have that feel or sound. Hockey has a sound, skate blade cutting into a fresh sheet of ice, the snap of a puck on the blade from a good pass, or the sound of the boards on a good check.

As much as I love hockey, nothing compares to baseball for the sounds or the smells that stay with you. Baseball brings back memories of your youth, playing in the yard. Going to a pro field, especially an old historic park, like Fenway, will last a lifetime. The smell of summer and hotdogs and the activity outside the park is something that lasts forever.  Baseball has sounds you hear and feel; the crack of the bat or the snap of the glove when a ball pops in the pocket just right.

The times today are so strange, no baseball. Even for a person that does not watch it closely anymore, I miss the reports and the box scores. I hate to think of the kids missing out on what could be their last chance to play as the season is passing before our eyes with no activity. Challenging times are challenging us in every facet of life, even the purest joys of sport.

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