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Critical Thinking

Let’s assume President Trump was not suggesting the use of disinfectants even though his words indicate otherwise. Also, trying to make a point with insults will limit anybody’s credibility and any possibility for others who think differently to take a conversation seriously. You are not trying to convince or make a point to people with like thoughts if you feel strongly on a position stick to the facts and the data to support your position.

Here are some facts, I have been a registered Republican and never a registered Democrat. At the moment, I am a registered independent, and I voted for TRUMP! Not because I thought he was the best choice, I thought he was the only choice at the time. You can’t ignore the fact that he is a blatant liar. He utterly denies exact quotes repeated back to him. If you watch the video, he talked about light, ultraviolet, and strong light entered into the body. He looked right at HIS medical professionals and asked about disinfectants entered into the body. Watch the look on the medical professional’s faces; it was a complete shock. It is shameful those medical professionals did not answer truthfully at that moment.

Here are some other undeniable exact quotes, “The great Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Dictators.”  I have “Absolute power.” “That woman” towards a Governor. There are others, but this shows a pattern.

One could certainly argue he has done some good things for the economy, but when he presents himself in a manner like this and expects people to praise him for his accomplishments, it diminishes everything he has done. He is too thinned skinned; he is too combative, he takes things to personal, and he has a constant need for praise. None of these are good qualities and worse in a President. It is reckless and dangerous, and yes, he did make that suggestion, and it was not sarcasm, and sarcasm should never be used by the President in any situation, more so in this situation.

As far as the economy, he takes far too much credit for this economic boom. Much of that is due to his predecessor, regardless if you want to believe it or not. Trump created around seven million jobs since he has been in office, Obama about six million in the previous four years, but this economy is too big to turn quickly. It has been stated many times by top economists that policy changes take 18 months, which means Obama established the foundation. Even Reagan did not see significant changes until the start of his second term, which shows how bad the country was when he became President.

The President is not just the leader of the greatest nation on the plant; he is somebody that sets the tone and direction of the world. How he acts and reacts is a reflection on all of us. You do not have to be politically correct to make your point, but you do have to be a great communicator, Trump is not.

I watch several news sources and form my opinion. Nobody should make the statement “Fake News” if you genuinely love this country, and how it was founded, you can’t quote the first amendment, then comment “fake news,” especially from a president. Trying to discredit the press and divide the country is reckless. A nation always falls from within.

My final comment on our reaction to the Coronavirus, I have seen people continually make the statement “ it is just the flu” or “the reaction is not justified, the H1N1 virus was worse.” Is it not possible we reacted incorrectly with the H1N1 virus, and this is the proper reaction? Maybe we did not want to repeat that mistake. Nobody’s freedoms have been lost or altered.

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