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First Memories

It is strange the way we go through life and how we make memories and retain those memories. Of course, we don’t remember everything, but we do tend to remember the first time we do something more than the last time we did something.

I guess it is because the first time is more impactful, and the last time you were not thinking it was going to be the last time. For instance, I remember my first time at Fenway Park, where the RedSox play. I was about 7 or 8 and the game was against the Detroit Tigers, my dad took me. We sat first base side, right on the dugout. I even got one of those small wood souvenir bats; I wish I still had that.

I remember my first time fishing; again, my dad took me. It was not even a real lake or pond. It was more a human-made runoff. It was not very big, and the only fish were small sunfish, but I remember it like it was yesterday, and that was probably 50 years ago.

I remember my first time going to I-Hop (Internation house of pancakes) I love pancakes; I just had a small stack. Anyway, my mom took me. It was in Peabody Mass not far from a mall. She likes to go shopping. When I was young, my mom would make it a day for us, we would go to a mall get something to eat, and I would always get something, new jeans maybe a toy of some sort. It was our day.

Every kid goes on school field trips, and I remember in sixth grade, my mom was the chaperon for about 4 of us to the new England aquarium in Boston. Driving into Boston can be nuts, doing it midday with four sixth graders is borderline crazy. I bet she does not remember, but I do. It is also the only field trip I do remember.

As a life long hockey fan and Bruins die hard, I bleed black and gold, my first game believe it or not was in the old barn, Boston garden 1972. The Stanley cup final between Boston and the New York Rangers. The Bruins won the game and the series. I have no idea how my dad got those tickets, but those seats sucked 😊. That’s what made it great. If you have never been in the old barn, it was not well designed, and they had these cozy obstructed views, they sold the tickets mentioning that. We sat behind a wall and had to lean over to see maybe 30% of the ice. I would do that again in a minute. It is still my only final game.

Today is my fifth anniversary. I remember the first day I spoke to my wife, and I remember the exact moment I met her like it was yesterday. I can even tell you what she was wearing; jeans, brown top, and sandals. She changed my life, and every day is unique and fun. There is not a day that goes by that we don’t laugh. That is important. There were so many days before meeting her that I did not laugh or enjoy myself. She is the most loving, caring, and special person I have ever met, and I will spend the rest of my life doing the best I can to make her happy and proving a lot of first memories for her.

I remember a lot of firsts; picking out my german shepherds, jumping in the new pool, my first family vacation; it was to Washington DC, my first road trip. I remember driving through the city as it was getting dark, and a few lovely ladies were standing on the corner. My mom, “Bill, tell those ladies to go inside; it is getting dark.” To which dad replied “they are prostitutes” 😊

I could go on forever; I guess that means life is pretty good, and I have some great parents that took me places, cared for me, and created life long memories. A great wife that cares for me more than I could ever imagine. However, as I stated earlier, why don’t we remember the last time we do things? Probably because you may not know it will be the last time in many cases. Or, maybe there is no point the first times were so much fun all the other times blend in. That is what living a life is all about.

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