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We Are Getting To The Tipping Point

I’m usually not lost for words, but, today I’m struggling to have a logical thought or what to say. I have long believed this country would go through some type of revolution again. I always thought it would be subtle changes before anything significant and not in my lifetime. I think I may have misjudged the timeline. I think it is starting.

It should be shocking to see the video of another black man murdered in the street, but it is not. I think this is the turning point. To watch a parade of four people giving a press conference and make the statement, we will do a full investigation, but we do not see a case yet for criminal charges. Really? I watched every video to date, and what I saw was a man in cuffs; he was moved to stand against a wall. I then saw a man on the ground from two angles with not one but three police officers on his back. One of them had his knee on his neck. I heard the man state he could not breathe. He even asked politely, “Please, officer, I can’t breath” I saw one officer stand there and do nothing. This incident went on for eight minutes.

I think it is pretty clear at this point criminal charges are needed immediately. If that were not true, why were the officers fired? As a police officer, you were trained to control a situation with minimal to no violence. You have been taught to “Protect and to server” If four police officers could not manage one man in handcuffs and that man dies because of excessive force, and this was excessive force, then they should be fired, tried, and convicted.

We should not be surprised now with the rioting, and it is starting in many areas across the country. The violence, of course, is almost always a wrong decision, but when is the situation so bad, the issue so important that so many times it happens there is no change, and this is now the only solution. When the President of the country stokes the fire, we should all be outraged. This is the same platform Trump uses to spread his message, which in my opinion is very un-presidential. “When the looting starts the shooting starts,” The President is now outraged that Twitter is now pointing out lies, fact-checking him, and flagging his tweets. He has now passed an executive order against a platform that is checking him, the very same platform he used to do what he wants. Why do you think that is. Did you know his attorney in the Russian investigation resigned because he thought, and I quote, “I could not represent him because he is a liar” John Dowd. This quote is from the book Fear by Bob Woodward.

Today we saw a reporter arrested for covering this story. This incident should be shocking to everybody. As I said at the start we see in my opinion the beginning of a fundamental change, maybe a revolution in this country. When law enforcement can kill a man on video and not arrested or charged, it is dangerous; when a president takes the steps to stoke the fire and not try to calm the situation, it is more than concerning. When a reporter that identified himself is arrested with no just cause, then we have passed the point of logic.

This country started with violence when talking no longer worked. The lip service will no longer work; this is the fork in the road, and if we don’t get it correct, the worst will happen. The time to turn the other cheek, hollow promises, and prayers have passed. It is time to do the right thing. My two biggest fears; one no charges, two is worse, no conviction. This is not America.

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