Why can’t something just be entertainment anymore? Last week I watched the play “Hamilton” on Disney. I have not seen many play in my life. I think three or four. I liked them all, and this was no different. I thought it was excellent. The acting was great and the singing fantastic. I do recommend you read a synopsis of some of the scenes as it does make it easier to follow.

There was something in here for everybody. If you are a play snob and have an opinion that a play can only be seen live at the theatre, you will be surprised. It felt almost like being there. The songs were both slow and fast, and they even brought in some hip hop themes for a newer generation. It also had some funny bits.

Now the negative, I hate the new term “cancel culture” (new to me). People are calling for the cancelation of the show because it is not an accurate picture of history, or it promotes slave trading, yak, yak yak. For the love of God, it is a show! We don’t have to lose our shit over everything in the world a few may find offensive.

We need breaks for just plain entertainment today more than ever, relax and watch it for what it is, a show! Many things rely on a combination of fact, fiction, and creativity to produce entertainment and art. If you want to know the real history of something, use something like this to spark your interest and get a real book or take a class and learn about it.

There have been many shows; tv, movie, or play that had a story based on facts I had never heard, I don’t knock the show I take what I saw and go find out more about the topic. Hidden Figures comes to mind.

Lighten up, you “cancel culture” police. See the show and open your mind to some entertainment; everything is not going to fit into some pre-defined box, not everything has an agenda. The best part is you may learn something, you may enjoy it, and you may even take what you saw and learn more from it. The best part you don’t have to do anything if it is so bothersome to you, you can do something else and let the rest of us enjoy the show.

One thought on “Hamilton

  1. I do not have the disney channel but the play is planned to return to the Starz in Tampa and I will buy seats to see the play. I agree with your write up, it’s a play enjoy!


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