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Old Home Town Memories

Modern technology has produced many great things and some not so great, maybe not the technology but how it is used. I’m not too fond of the term social media, and Facebook is probably still the king in the social media field. The Facebook medium has both good and bad things that can be attributed to this platform, but for this blog post, I am looking at just one of the functional aspects of Facebook, groups, and a fun one for me is the “Olden Day’s Of Salem.”

I was browsing through the group today, and there are some fantastic memories there. I grew up in this town, Salem NH in the 70s and 80s, and to see some of the photos and news stories really made me realize how the town, the times, and how many fun memories I have of growing up in Salem. The people that saved these photos, news stories, and information on the town deserve a big thank you, along with all the fun comments.

I saved a few phots that I have included in this post. They are all from a time long past, but part of my memories. None of these places even exist anymore. The first photo is of Joes Diner. It was a small hole in the wall when I was a kid, but it was one of the places my parents took me for dinner on Friday nights. That was a big deal in the early ’70s, going out to dinner.  Money was pretty tight back then, I’m sure, but it was a great memory. I still remember my dad had the hamburger plate, two patties, mashed potatoes, and a vegetable.

The next picture is K-Mart, where I had my first job. I worked there all through high school. I met a lot of friendly people there, and we had a softball team. Every Sunday, the store closed at 6 pm, and we would play other K-Mart stores in the area. Over the years, I worked as a stock boy; I had to push all those carts through the parking lot at the end of the night. I work in toys, the home improvement center, and I even sold appliances. I only made 2.50 an hour, but I did get commissions on selling appliances.  

The next two places go together a bit; the outdoor restaurant A&W and the Salem Tri cinema, which was the Jerry Lewis theatre when it first opened. They were just about across the street from each other on Route 28 in Salem. I saw Jaws for the first time in that theatre, and many times we went over for a burger, fries, and the best root beer float at the A&W.

I don’t remember when Granite State Potato Chips closed, but New Hampshire had its very own potato chip brand. It was right in Salem, and at the time, it was at the far end of Route 28 that was not too populated. Now all of route 28 is populated. The store was really just a shack, a real hole in the wall. You could buy your chips in a big bucket. When the bucket was empty, I think It was a 5-gallon bucket, you brought it back, and it would be filled right from a big shoot of chips just flowing from the back where they were made.

I moved away six years ago and I was only back there once for two days since. The town has changed so much. At the time, when I first moved there, Kmart was the biggest store in town; there were no Malls. It was kind of sad to see that it just recently closed. The chip factory has been gone for decades now. The theatre, I think, is a Baby’s R Us, and I have no idea what the A&W place is. I think the building is gone too.

That is just a few of the cool things that this group page has. Time changes everything and not always for the better. Those were much simpler times than we live in today. It was fun stumbling onto this page and remembering things about my youth and where I lived. I would really like a Joe’s burger, a root beer float with a side of granite state potato chips right now.

One thought on “Old Home Town Memories

  1. Great blog and thank you this page so I too can remember back then. left NH 15 years ago but know when I go back to visit so much has changed


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