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Book Review – “The Loudest Voice In The Room”

The “The Loudest Voice in the Room” by Gabriel Sherman was a fascinating book. I like books that deal with history or people and their accomplishments. I initially decided to read this book because of the Amazon show by the same name. The show was outstanding, but I want to get a bigger picture of the story that can be told better in a book.  

The book went into detail on Roger Ailes’s life, where he came from, his drive, and what made him who he was. It paints a picture of a man very driven for success but also with a ruthless win at all costs mentality.

I thought this book was well written with a good flow. The book provided a good background on Roger Ailes, how he formed his views, and built his career.

It was interesting to read about his early life, where he came from, and how his early life shaped his persona and beliefs.

FOX news is what Ailes is most known for, but it is always interesting in the story and the path of the man that created it. The TV show was mainly focused on how Ailes came to FOX and his fall. The book details his early life, his entry into entertainment TV, The Mike Douglas show, Broadway, and ultimately though his business was managing political campaigns, including Richard Nixons presidential campaign.

I do not feel the author slanted his writing in a pro or negative narrative of Ailes or FOX. It seemed an excellent logical progression was tying the story from his early life to his ultimate triumph of building a major news network to his fall.

Regardless of what we ultimately think of the man, the book did present an excellent story of corporate success but also shows how absolute power is never a good thing. Ailes certainly abused his position in the end and lost control of his News division.

I recommend this book; if you are a Fox News viewer, you might be a bit surprised about what you watch. You might be surprised it is not all “Fair and Balanced” it is slightly slanted to an audience Ailes wanted to target, his background was in entertainment, and he crafted the news division with that mindset, not a news mindset.

Finally, the book painted an excellent picture of the man, his career, and the history of cable news. It is well written with unique insight into the power of corporate America, how it entangles politics and money.

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