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Who Are We?

You know what is wrong in the world today, how we are so polarized on just about everything. You almost can’t say a thing based on your opinion or belief without offending someone. It seems like in today’s world, we are trying to cultivate an existence that we don’t offend anybody, and as it turns out, we offend everybody.

The political climate we have created is worse. You don’t have to agree with Trump or Biden, but Trump is the president whether you agree or not. You can think what you will of Biden but pulling up his signs and casting false or disparaging things at either of them is wrong. If you have an opinion, say it but be logical about it, be courteous and be factual.

Today I saw a Facebook post on Biden calling him a liar over the accident where a driver killed his first wife and daughter, stating that the driver was not drunk when Biden falsely claimed years ago he was. Biden apologized for that, years ago, but the post did not mention this. Imagine going through something so horrific as that, and we have some clown making it a political statement. I can sit here all day and find crazy shit both from Trump and Biden, but when it gets personal and tragic, it is off-limits. There was a time when we held to that.

That situation is no better than Pelosi claiming she wants to impeach Trump for appointing a supreme court justice; we can all agree somewhat on the hypocrisy of the move, but it is his right; this is not an impeachable offense.

Social media has made it easy to hide in a world of anonymity, say what you want in the crowd mentality with no repercussions. There was once a time when your voting position or choice in a candidate was private, today we are all out there, in some cases fighting with friends and family. To the point of damaging relationships. The winners are the people dividing us.

We live in a world today where everything is to pick aside. We have news that caters to left and right-leaning positions; we are questioning the selection of a judge based on her left or right-leaning positions. Isn’t the supreme court suppose to be impartial?

Biden is out campaigning and said, “I don’t work for you” well, yes, you do! Trump is out calling an election fraud if he loses. Imagine that coming out of a president’s mouth, casting doubt with no evidence.

Whatever your political affiliation is, go with it with knowledge, truth, and conviction but don’t slander or disparage someone for their choice. There is no need to say, “You are either an American or a Democrat” we are all Americans, and if we lose that focus and believe one party is the ultimate answer to everything, we all lose. There is an old saying, “Divide and conquer.” The policy of maintaining control over one’s subordinates or subjects by encouraging dissent between them. Over 240 years ago, we overthrew a king not to be subordinates or subjects anymore.

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