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Book Review: Churchill Walking With Destiny

By: Andrew Roberts

Churchill is an excellent read; it does require a bit of patience to stay with it, but once you get about 50-75 pages in, the book is very entertaining and tells the story of a truly remarkable man.

The early part of the book deals with the family dynamic and struggles between a young Churchill and his father’s political career. What seemed to me the challenges Churchill faced to get his father’s approval and his mother’s attention.

Winston Churchill was one of the more remarkable men in history. What made this book so good, it spanned his whole life, from his birth up to his death.  As the story unfolds, you will see how all Churchill’s positive and negative experiences prepared him for the most critical moment in history. Churchill was leading the war effort during world war II, not just for England but the world.

Whenever we hear the name Churchill, we think immediately of World War II, but it is quite remarkable when you look at his whole life. His mother was born in the United States. His father was a politician and was on track to be Prime Minister until a political falling out. Winston’s driving forces to surpass his father’s accomplishments was to be Prime Minister.

You will see Churchill was quite the accomplished painter and author but a bit of a smart ass and trouble maker in school as a youth. Churchill fought was in WW I and volunteered for dangerous missions. He fought in the Boer war and escaped as a prisoner. Everything Churchill did was a means to build his reputation as a man of destiny. Even with his political wins and losses, at one point being out of politics, he managed to stay close to the action and had enough political capital that served him well when he became Prime Minister and led England through the War.

Winston spent a great deal of time traveling to the United States when he was out of office. Churchills’ early views of the United States were not so complimentary, mainly due to post WW I issues and England’s debts to the United States. He used these trips to get a better understanding of the country. It was after these trips his perception of the country changed more positively. He developed a sense of the united states’ remarkable ability always to look ahead and prosper. Churchill knew he needed the United States to defeat Hitler and spent quite a bit of time working with Roosevelt to help supply England with arms. They formed a close bond over the years and worked closely during World War II.

You don’t have to enjoy history books to enjoy this book. It is an excellent story of a great man, how he lived his life, and his accomplishments. You will see it is not just how a person reacts to a crisis, but how his experiences and beliefs guided him in responding and rallied a nation in critical times.

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