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The Donkey – AKA Jackass

Here is the lovable Jackass

While still reading my last Ken Follet book, I thought a bit about animals and thought it deserved a post. Strangely enough, a JackAss came to mind. You might be wondering how I came to want to do a post about the JackAss.

I wondered how people might have similar behavioral traits to a JackAss and watching the news. It became pretty obvious there are many traits of a JackAss in today’s politicians. What is funny is that the JackAss, it is the symbol of the democratic party. More recently, that character has been stolen by some, most Republican members representing this country. Not all, but I’m sure you can pick them out!   

JackAss’s naturally enjoy the company of their kind due to their territorial nature; introducing livestock must be supervised and take place over safe fencing. We now have an excellent fence around the Capitol. The politicians, not all but most, stick with their kind and now they are behind a fence. They don’t play well with others.

The JackAss’s territorial nature is sometimes chasing and attacking small stock such as sheep, goats, poultry, cats, and dogs, or for some people and politicians; it translates into other people. However, not all JackAss’s display this behavior and can live happily alongside these companions. Never take risks with your JackAsss or politician and other animals or people; always ensure that introductions between animals or politicians are supervised and taken over several weeks. This does not seem to be working; I think the JackAss now has one leg up on some politicians.

A JackAss doesn’t consider their behavior good or bad during learning, only whether it is useful. This is getting good now! I think you can quickly see how this is playing out in society. If you can think of the one JackAss, extra credit ooops human I’m thinking of now—more on that in a minute.

The way a JackAss is trained will determine the JackAss’s behavior. An experienced trainer who communicates well with the JackAss will help a JackAss overcome problems and learn more rapidly than a JackAss with an impatient or inexperienced handler. We left the barn door open on this one, given the current state of affairs.

JackAss’s can also learn unwanted behavioral traits, and so you should always be aware of what behavior you are rewarding and what signals you’re giving during the interactions between you and your JackAss.  It is apparent we have not figured this out for some politicians.

JackAss’s are not aware of our perceptions of good or bad behavior. They only understand what is useful for them, so if they learn that a problematic behavior can help them get what they want, they will repeat it.

My JackAss research can be found here

It seems the JackAss resembles today’s American politician and, more accurately, Marjorie Taylor Greene. If you do not know who this JackAss is, then here are some fun facts!

Here is the JackAss she is an insult to the animal

All politics aside, this JackAss has promoted the killing of children at Sandy hook and most recently at Stoneman Douglass high school as a false flag event by democrats to steal the election. She even tracked down and harassed a victim of one of these events.

She has called for the execution of democrats. More precisely, a bullet between the eyes of the speaker of the house. She has endorsed the attack of the Capitol on Jan 6th as an act of patriots. It was an act of treason, a coup to overthrow the United States government.  

Marjorie Taylor Greene supports conspiracy theories such as Qanon. Here is some of the nonsense of Qanon; there is a cabal of elite democrats and celebrities using children as sex slaves; they drink children’s blood. Qanon believers think there is a storm coming where these evil people will be scooped up and arrested and that “Q” is a high-ranking member of the government. They are a leading force in the nonsense to overturn a fair election. Marjorie has said, “We don’t know who Q is, we have not seen him, but we know he is a true patriot” You don’t get much more stupid than that! One article for your reading pleasure

Finally, when I mentioned learned behavior and how the JackAss will do what is to their benefit, Marjorie Taylor. She has been placed on the education committee by none other than this JackAss, McCarthy. What a complete disregard to the victims and their family.

JackAss McCarthy

This is a formal apology to all the cute little Jackass’s that are actual hard working animals. I really hated to lump you in with an actual human JackAss!

One thought on “The Donkey – AKA Jackass

  1. You addressed the elephants in the room well. I like the apology at the end, because animals indeed don’t deserve to be nouns and adjectives for terrible human behavior. 👍🏻


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