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Death Of A Party

History is made of every moment of every day and never stops. History is like a giant database capturing everything all the time. Our whole existence, in some way, will be directly or indirectly impacted by history.

We live in just a small slice of the record of history and specifically the history of where we live during our lifetimes. Like the database analogy, US history is a table in the giant database different from Russian, French, or English history, but all the events make up the whole. Hopefully, you live to experience some significant points in history and that they are mostly good.

Each piece has meaning in the puzzle regardless if it is good or bad. However, if you want to believe it or not, it is a record, and it is a fact. Regardless of the historical event, significant or small, some meanings might not be evident for years, and as the year’s pass, these events explain to a certain extent why things are the way they are.

Some historical events are on calendars, and some have holidays. Everybody remembers Perl Harbor, Dec 7, 1942. You don’t need any more than to hear 9-11. I can tell you exactly where I was. For Americans, Jul 4, independence day.

We are presently experiencing two critical points in US history, and it will have a lasting impact on where we go as a nation. As I noted earlier, there are significant events and minor events, and I believe the recent minor event will have a far more substantial impact than the significant event.

The major event will be Jan 6, 2021, when we saw a coup on American soil for the first time and a real attempt to overthrow a government and a fair election. This occurrence was mostly due to fraudulent conspiracy theories and Qanon. A president and fake media promoted these. That fake media was not the mainstream media some wanted you to believe but Fox News. Fox News is now being sued for 27 billion dollars for promoting and dividing the country. Lou Dobbs show has been canceled for promoting these lies, more will follow.

The Minor event happened on Feb 4, 2021, when Congressional Democrats and 11 republican Congressmen voted to remove a first-year representative, Marjorie Taylor Greene, from all her positions because Congressional Republicans would not do their job. What makes this seemingly minor event significant is the further fracture and division of our political system. This event might be the end of the Republican party. One of these congresspersons, Liz Cheney, voted to impeach President Trump, and she was attacked for her convictions by her party. To retain power, she was not one of the 11 congressional republicans that voted to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene. She sold out for her position. Ironically in the same meeting, congressional republicans voted with a more significant number to discipline Cheney for her impeachment vote than they did to discipline Greene for false, hateful, and conspiratorial statements.

The republican party had split between Trumpism and true Republicans, the Republican I could relate to when I was growing up, The Reagan Republican party. I believe they have made a considerable miscalculation by making this the party of Trump. Trump will disappear in a few years, a small footnote in our history. Over the next two years, this pandemic will disappear. Everybody will be vaccinated, the economy will recover, and if all that happens, which I believe it will, the Republican party would cannibalize itself following fake conspiracy theories. It could be generations before Republicans have any significant influence on our democracy. That one small event will have the most significant impact. To be a thriving democracy, we need at least two strong parties regardless of your political affiliation. That probability is slipping away.

The Republicans and McCarthy directed their party to stand with a low level corrupt first-time politician and lost. Greene was stripped of her position, and how did she support the party that backed her? She said she did not care. The committees did not matter, and it now gives her more free time. Essentially the people of her district have no representation. The Republicans are now okay with hooking their future to a person that claims; school shootings were false flag events, anti-gun people staged the mass shooting in Vegas that killed over 50+ people, the fires in California were from Jewish space lasers. Yep, you can’t make this up, so I provided some resources for you. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. What side of history will you be on?

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