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The Shot Heard Around The World

If you went to school in the United States and read any history books, it was the shot fired at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, on April 19, 1775.  For some, maybe it October 3, 1951, When Bobby Thompson hit a walk-off home run for the New York Giants at the Polo grounds to win the national league pennant against the Brookly dodgers. Of course, both teams are in California now.

For me, “The Shot Heard Around The World” was April 5, 2021. 13 months to the week I started working from home due to Covid-19. Today, my wife, son number 2, and I took our first vaccine dose. I was so hyped up I was bugging my wife and son to leave 45 minutes early for the 5-minute drive to the location.

I have to give a big thank you to my wife in this whole ordeal; she took on this mission like a warrior, probably without her, I would make for some fine fertilizer of a nice patch of flowers. I’m not kidding here. From day one, we had masks without end for whenever we needed them. She had all the groceries delivered at the house; she staged them, washed them, put them in clean containers, and rotated them in after three days of quarantine. Of course, the refrigerated items were washed and put away immediately. Her routine went on week in and week out. It easily took 3-4 hours. She was up to date on the latest protocols, testing sites, vaccine sites, what can and can’t be done, and the second we were given the Ok for shots, she had three computers lined up to register all of us. If the CDC needs to produce a video to educate the public on sanitization and pandemic protocol’s you can reach out to her here. Oh yea, she did spray me with Lysol while in the shower, to be extra safe 😊

I also need to say what a superior job all the workers did and their organization to get people vaccinated. This operation is a massive undertaking, and the process was run with outstanding perfection and organization, like an assembly line. Cars came in; people were scanned and rotated from spot to spot and out. There were hundreds of vehicles coming and going in one continuous procession. The people were great, friendly, and organized. We can’t thank them enough for this dedication and sacrifice to the cause of helping others.

This pandemic was a significant challenge to the country and the world; even today, people still do not take this virus seriously, even with over 500k dead. Unfortunately, we have become a bit jaded and a bit spoiled as a country, and we misconstrue everything in a combative nature to the point of thinking we are losing our freedoms. I looked into my son’s eyes, son number 1 of 2 when he contracted the virus. He was a non-believer. He was lucky; I almost lost him ☹

The government is not trying to take your freedoms with a vaccine. You will not have your DNA altered; you will not turn into an alligator or break into spontaneous masturbation. The government’s number one role is to keep the citizens safe, and in this case, they have done an outstanding job.

One final note, vaccines are good; they are not controlling. Imagine where we would be with vaccines for polio, measles, mumps, and many other things. There is nothing wrong with the vaccine passport! It is Boolean, yes/no if you had a shot. Nobody is trying to steal your medical records. There is already a HIPPA law for that! This request is not even new; many times, you need to show proof of a vaccine we did for yellow fever when traveling. All you lunatics, your freedoms are safe, you are not losing a thing, and you will not grow an extra digit. The shot is safe. Please do your part, and we are almost there, back to normalcy. GET THE DAMN SHOT!

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