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It Has Been One Strange Year

I think we can all agree the last year was strange. Back in March of 2020, my wife and I met my parents for dinner on a Saturday night; at that time, covid was just getting noticed. During dinner, we talked about it in passing, almost like a non-event. That following Monday, I began to work from home as a trial run in a two-week interval. At the end of that week, I started working from home indefinitely. I am still working from home, now at 14 months. People are slowly filtering back into the office but not mandatory.

This covid event, although complex in many ways, did have some positives. It did show that no matter how negative we sometimes see our government, they can mobilize and deliver solutions. In record time, a vaccine was developed, and close to a third of the country has taken their vaccination. The results are there as we are slowly returning to reality; cases are dropping dramatically, along with hospitalizations and, most importantly, deaths. I understand that people can be hesitant to get a vaccination, but the evidence is now clear, they are safe and need to continue for the benefit of everybody. No matter what you think of Trump, he does deserve some credit for this, and Biden also did get it mobilized and hit the goals he set. We are now the world model for what we have done, and other countries are currently looking for our assistance with these treatments. It is this type of leadership and mobilization that made this country great. Biden is correct; there is nothing we can’t do if we set our mind to it.

The last time we had a global pandemic like this, or at least on this scale, was 1918 and the Spanish flu. Given how the world has changed and the enormous freedoms we do have today, asking people to stop and isolate was a big ask; it is hard to comprehend. I don’t think any freedoms are lost. The evidence is there as we are now emerging from this long nightmare.

Over the last year, we did see some issues, and the negative always gets more publicity than the good, but we did see a lot of good, and we should focus on that. Health care workers put their lives on the line every day to care for the sick, and many paid a high price for that. Two of my kids work in this field, and I was close to losing one to this disease. People dedicate time and energy to getting people to care facilities, passing out food, volunteering at hospitals and medical facilities, and in countless ways, I can’t even remember.

Like many others, my own experiences were similar, but we took our vaccine. My wife and I went to the beach and had lunch. We were able to visit our daughter, hug her and share all the great things happening in her life. Most importantly, almost 14 months to the day we went to visit my parents. In those 14 months, my dad was in the hospital multiple time, and I could not see him. My mom had to do all that alone, and I could not help her. Yesterday was a great day; we visited them for the first time. We were able to hug them, have lunch by the pool. My mom, wife, and son went for a swim. I was able to sit and talk with both my parents for 5 hours. Something I truly missed more than I can express. Now we have to get to Brazil for my wife to see her dad and son see his vovo (grandpa). I can’t imagine what it was like for the countless families who missed something like this. Yesterday was a real good day.

One thought on “It Has Been One Strange Year

  1. A great blog. Great insight to what so many of us experienced this last year but thankful that we are moving forward. I cannot emphasize enough that everyone get the vaccine.


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