I’m a son, brother, husband, and dad of three. I grew up in a small New England town, Salem New Hampshire, not Massachusetts where they killed witches 😃. I am avid Bruins hockey and patriots football fan. I do keep tabs on the Sox and Celtics but not like I use to, you can only follow so many sports! Since marrying my wife I have grown to love the sport of soccer, Fluminense FC is my team, well if I know what’s good for me it is.

I grew up attending the local schools and graduating from Salem High School in 1981. I went on to New Hampshire College, renamed to Southern New Hampshire University, and completed my associates in Business and my BA in Psychology.

I played sports year round with my buddies, all in the same neighborhood. There was no internet back then and the friends you had in school you rarely saw out of school unless they were in your neighborhood. That changed a bit in high school once we got our licenses.

We played baseball/whiffle ball in the summer, basketball and football in the fall and hockey all winter long. Games were always in the same spot, between Scott or peaches house. Those were great times. We all played in our local leagues and were the first kids to play Salem Saints hockey, There was no high school team back then.

I have spent my whole career in the tech field starting with Digital Equipment Corporation, no longer in existence. Then Fidelity Investments for 10 years and my last stop, I hope, JP Morgan Chase. I have been very fortunate to work for three great companies.

My kids grew up in the same town I did, much bigger now than when I was a kid and attend the same schools. My son played for the Salem Salem Saints youth program and I had the opportunity to coach him and all his buddies. That was some great fun. I actually took several coaching clinics with USA Hockey and have my level 4 coaching patch; 33626 I miss watching him play, I do NOT miss the long days or cold rinks. My daughter danced for years. I was always amazed how little she was with no fear in the yearly recital dancing in front of all those people. She did this through high school and it was great watching her perform, no I did not get any dancing patches or teach her. Ask my wife me dancing is a travesty.

Today I live in Florida with my wife and son, away from the cold. We love our simple quiet life and enjoy our time together. Two kids are grown and one still is around. We enjoy going to the beach and watching the boy grow and learn through high school. He will be in college next year. My wife is a photographer, you can find her photos here, I can be a bit jumpy and fast paced, she brings me balance and calmness. Son number two brought me more perspective, patience, understanding.

I had great parents guiding me every step of the way. They knew when to push and when to back off. They knew when to let me find my way (and that is hard as a parent) and when to direct me. I would not be the man I am today without my dad, I would not have graduated college without my mom. Without them as the foundation and everybody in between this I’m should would be a far different Bio..

I hope you enjoy the blog. I hope you read it, register for it and send me your feed back and thoughts. I’m just beingkevin.