Art Yourself — Luisa Wholley

First there was painting. Before Photography, painters and their brushes made use of light, composition and color theory to create art. Then came the controversy about whether Photography could be considered an art form or not. Nowadays, with dedicated museums and the evolution of Photography, there is not so much questioning about Photography being an […]Art… Continue reading Art Yourself — Luisa Wholley

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I Am Now Convinced, Nothing Surprises Me

I don't have a blog that has one topic, like some who write about cooking or working out. Even my daughter's blog https://stalkandstemnutrition.com/ is all about nutrition and my wife is all about teaching and photography https://luisawholley.com/. I am more varied and blog about my interests in a broader view, be it sports, politics, news,… Continue reading I Am Now Convinced, Nothing Surprises Me